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Originally Posted by Bootrix2 View Post
I've never met anyone younger than 20 who really understands risk and consequences.

A relative example is young drivers (Cars/motorcycles). Look at how reckless they are.

Really? I seldom meet someone in their early twenties I feel safe enough being around.
You know how many first time adult airsofter's will pick up a gun and ask someone else to start running?

I support all age airsofter's, They need a place to play, on that note I don't always feel every game need's to be all ages. Nor should someone be forced to play with all agers.
I believe they need somewhere to play.
The kid's will get the guns, if it's a POS Canadian tire gun or a 700 dollars gun, they can all just as easily take out an eye.
The difference in our province is Cuddy Commando's

The people running this group are more dedicated than any airsofter I've met as of yet, and they don't even play. Hell this season their own kid's are not even playing thus far.
Of course they have issue's, hit's not being called, people doing stupid crap, But that's nothing I've not seen in almost every other noob I've seen walk onto my field.

Giving them somewhere safe and secure to play. with controlled rules and strict safety is breeding us a new generation of airsofter's in this province. Who at the age of 16 hit XT and are responsible, or at the age of 18 hit their first ""adult"" game and are not a bunch of thud f**ks like most first time ""adults"".

Stating you've never seen a mature under 18 year old made me nearly spit coffee on my screen. I can very seldom find a mature 20 somethings.

The entire nature of our sport,"let's buy guns and shoot each other" draw's in the immature crowd. Most respecting adults with no knowledge or experience of the sport, whom are "mature" laugh at the sport and many don't bother to try it.
We definitely spend a lot of time each season weeding out the new thud's from the fields. many of them already "mature adults".

Please don't group all player's under the age of 18 in one group. I could very easily group 18-28 year old's into the exact same group from what I've seen.

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