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General 'Cybergun' (brand) Consensus?

I am doing a bit of research regarding some various companies for various reasons and would like you, the users of ASC to pipe in and give me your positive and/or negative experience regarding this brand and their guns. Now, that sounds pretty vague, and it's meant to be. I could look through the bajillions of airsoft websites and look through thousands upon thousands of pages of reviews on specific guns and the little ticks and parts that people like and don't like, however.. well... that's a big pain in the ass.

What are some things you LOVE about that brand? What are some things you absolutely loath about it? Heck, what would you like to see them (or other companies) release?

As an airsoft player since 1998, involved in both the Canadian, American and Japanese airsofting communities, I'd like to thank anyone and everyone who could pipe in and give their comments regarding Cybergun.

Cheers from Tokyo

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