Thread: Gbb Vs AEG?
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To each their own.
GBBRs make better use of heavier ammo though. You'll get better stock performance.
Saying AEG's are more reliable than GBBRs is pretty misleading. That's like saying ford is better than dodge....but better at what? Certainly not the cars =p
There are more AEGs than GBBRs in winnipeg, and if you break down the demographics, most of those GBBRs are either WE open bolt or KJs, and most of the AEG's are G&G, KWA, KA, ARES, CA, and quite a few china brands. Not exactly top notch stuff.
So judging by the guns that come across my desk, I'd say WE open bolts and KJs are significantly more reliable than 2nd/3rd pony airsoft guns.
GBBRs also tend to be more difficult for idiots to break lol
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