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Originally Posted by TANNER View Post
I really want to try buy a gas rifle, but It seems to make more sense to stay electric.

Reasons for electric over gas:
- Cheaper to run, no need to buy gas.
- Mag's are a lot cheaper and you do't have to worry about leaks or maintaining them.
- Mag's only hold around 30 rounds, which would be ok if it were a real gun but when shooting bb's through dense bush you really need a 120rd midcap.
- Mag's needing to be metal are a lot heavier than say Pmags. and you have to carry 4x as many to match an AEG players loadout.
- You can run it all year round. Gas wont work in the winter.

That being said. I would love to have someone perswade me to go buy a bas rifle. I love using gas pistols indoors. I just need an excuse.
Buying gas is as easy as stopping by a CT, a 3 pack of propane will run about 9.99 + taxes. Beats having to charge multiple batteries before a game.

As a power source, it balances out in regards to how much you have to spend to get the gun working, as with electric you have to buy multiple batteries a smart charger, make the gearbox lipo safe/efficient with a mosfet. Also the amount of upgrade parts you need to improve a GBBR is far less than on an AEG.

Mags hold 39 rounds, yeah but it makes you more selective of your shots (I play more milsims than skirms so even when I had an AEG, I would be fine with real cap loads). Yes they are heavy but they're a hell of a lot more durable than the metal midcaps i used to run.

Sure gas guns wont work great in the cold, but its awesome not having to worry about moisture build up inside of a gearbox or having to waterproof battery connectors.

Gas is a lot of fun, simple to understand, compromises have to be made with both AEG or GBBR, but for me the realism and simplicity far outweighs the advantages of an AEG. no sewing machine for me.
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