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Being one of the few people here that actually has experience playing with an entire league of (mostly) underage to adult players, I would have to say they're just as likely to be a bad egg as any adult.
I agree that maturity comes from personal experience, but it can also be taught to people.
Cuddy's is really strict on their player base, and the new players learn that very quickly. If they get banned, they won't be able to play airsoft again until they're 18.

I know of groups of adult players that are just horrible people, they hit the field and seem to make it their objective to ruin the game for everyone. And I know groups of kids that can do the same.
As far as kids ripping people off, well, how many of the old retailers ripped us off on a national level?

How respectable a group is on the field is determined entirely by their leadership. Cuddy's has excellent leadership, ergo their players are really good.
You find a player that can't play by the rules, you kick them out, simple as that.
If you find underage players in your areas aren't mature enough to play, chances are nobody's taken the time to teach them.

I'm not saying we should all start hosting 16+ games, but we shouldn't be bashing them either.
Whether or not a group or field allows underage players is entirely up to acceptance of legal risk and personal preference.

Personally, I know that if you don't give kids a place to play, they'll find a place. And I think it's better that we offer them a controlled environment that strongly enforces safety and integrity with instructors who know the game, as opposed to them playing in a park behind a school by themselves with no safety glasses.

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