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IMO, Younger players (under 18), sometimes lack the social skills to play the sport we do with an older crowd.They lack respect on and off the field. Respect for other people and the honor of the sport. Mental discipline is a huge factor in our sport.

I'm not saying every younger player is such, but looking at the generation which I like to refer to as the COD age. Where kids think they are invincible and have their K7 Forcefields in play all the time.

Also the legal issues behind having a younger player on the field. If that kid ever got hurt while they were on the buisness end of your PTW. Things would not go to well for the shooter. Soccer mom's will have a hay day with that.

Lighting up a kid is not fun. As mentioned earlier, most players don't have two gears of play. It's go go go and things are said that could never be un-said.

Mature or not. Waiting till your 18 is best. Being responsible for your actions comes with age and experience.

Remember, Liars, Cheaters, Theives. They come in all sorts of shapes, ages, and sizes. That being said, over the age of 18, we can have them flogged.
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