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Originally Posted by Blackthorne

Where did you get access to a ship like that. Looks like it actually in service?

I know, I'll search it!

Cleaning up must have been some serious vacuum time!
The ship is considered a 'river freight' class, so basically a ship that's a low keel for service on the St. Laurence. I would say it was about 1/2 the size of the ocean freight ships, but it was still longer than a football field. There was about,...5, 6 decks accessable to us, so with the 20 or so players there, PLENTY places to hide. The engine room had access to ALL levels, by design, and was the hardest to manouver because there are angles all over. Pistols rule in these sort of places. I got to say MP5's require the LEAST thinking when using and reloading in high stress situations. What a great tool to use.

Since it was all stock guns only and most all of the walls and doors are metal, damage was minimal. Clean up was easy so I am told. The biggest danger to these PQAC night games for all of the Ottawa crews is the late night drive home. I had Boba worried there with my head bobbing at 5am - hehehe, safe and sound eh, mate? Others were not so lucky - Moose have claimed 2 cars so far. Seriously crazy driving stories. Everyone was ok (save for the Moose), thankfully.
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