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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
More info on the shotgun here:

HFC134a, dunno if it'll hold propane without blowing seals; also have to wonder how fast it'll shoot (and either way the published specs might be pretty low if its pushing 3 BBs with duster)
Originally Posted by MultipleParadox View Post
Finally a shotty that might be buyable AND worth buying!
How much is it over there?


OMG, reading that link from Drake makes me want it even more..! O_o
  • Removable large GAS tank is installed in the stock. It can shot 100 shots or more with a single gas charge. (A Gas Tank is also planned as part of optional parts to sell.) <---- Makes me think we won't have much problem having it hold Propane
  • “Double Hop-Up System” was newly developed. It can make BBs hopping-up at 3-round or 6- round shot mode (patent-pending)
  • New engine was developed for the “GAS SHOTGUN”. The “Rapid fire” function is installed that enables you to shoot one after another with operating the fore end and keeping the trigger pulled. -- Just like the real thing
Or it can be a letdown like the Maruzen M1100 shotty the ones with gas tank in the stock
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