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Originally Posted by Conker View Post
Reading this might make you change your mind.

Etc... Read a bit on Lyme disease. Learnt about it last week, and now I'm officially paranoid about it.
I have seen the effects of Lyme disease transmitted by ticks picked up in the Brockville area. The individual was a scuba diving buddy who can now barely walk and function without a cane or think properly without extreme fatigue. He was on direct antbiotic drip to the heart for months to try and get rid of it and it never went away fully. He has never been the same and still cannot work.

Lyme is no joke and any airsofters who hit the bush on weekends should be having their wifes or significant others check them over for hidden ticks when they get back in (plus it is a great excuse to get naked )
If you catch it within a couple of days (see a bulls eye rash), and/or find and keep the tick you can have it tested and do oral antibiotics if required to kill it before it starts to wreak havoc on your body and mind.
I would never want to go through what he has experienced.

30% deet sprayed around your pant and shirt cuffs,neck and crotch area are usually more than enough deterrent for ticks and mosquitos.

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