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Originally Posted by Armyissue View Post
Just called you OLD .

Old guys have less free time than young kids with nothing but free time so we respect it more. We call our hits, so we can go back to the safe zone and take a hit of Oxygen.
Young guns and Old Guys speak different languages too, When an Old guy says IN he means IN when a Young Gun says "In" it means "Maybe if my buddies Mom will drive us".
we don't know what you mean when you say "Thats so Random. "
When discussing New AEG prices you say Thats Expensive and we say Thats Fkn Cheap and we are talking about the same AEG price.
We have a respect for other players and their things and young guns have a lack of common courtesy for other players and their stuff.
Don't argue with the stuff presented in this Post, we know better, if you disagree your actions will speak louder than your web-blathering.

and then there's the creepy shit.....

This. I'm only 23 but this is exactly right.

Originally Posted by BennyBoy View Post
Be like Stealth, BB chips a tooth and continues for rest of day. Which was another good 4 hours.
I did that too last summer. Fairly calmly, with only mild profanity, called my hit, walked off the field (one life only skirmish) then continued for one more game if memory serves me right, though for me it wasn't so much a chip as much of 1/2 of one of my teeth turned into powder.

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