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When I play I look for three things:

1. Is the player safe? Do they take responsibility for their actions. Do they think before they shoot. I tend not to like being lit up in the back of the head from a foot away. Generally more mature players will be more aware and not take dangerous shots.

2. Do they play fair? Do they call their hits? Do they load to game regs?

3. Are they fun to be around? I'm less interested in playing with good shooters and prefer to play with guys who are out to have a good time. If they take a hit and bitch about it for 45 minutes and ruin the game for everyone else then I'm not interested in playing with them.

Now some youths do follow all these rules and I have no problems playing with them, but I'd rather not take the chance with someone who because of their age would have a predisposition to being immature. Hell there are enough adults that cheat and ruin the game for others I'm disinclined to chance playing with teens.
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