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I think your mistaken, who lashes out on mature kids?

The issue is younger people have less realization and experience in general.

18 is just the number when you become legally responsible, there is idiots on both sides of it.

I know a kid who has strived to learn all the responsibilities of airsoft when he was 15 and he accepted a lot of criticism from people of age and now after being taught a few things he's a respectable player. He's 16/17 now and he really wants to play more than 'backyard skirmishes' but I told him- its great your respecting the sport and i've seen people older than him that have no idea what that mean but there is still a legality.

Also as Brian said, and being a young person myself, we don't always get along with older people because they have more experience and we have different interests.

At the same time I play with a lot of older people and they realise my age and treat me no different. After all were still just playing with toys right
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