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No one looks down on the younger players. they just don't want to play with them.

look at it this way.. you and your 14 year old buddies are all doing 14 year old stuff and hanging out together .. and an 8 year old comes along and says "hey can I play too?"

what do you say? you probably don't want this "kid" jamming up your 14 year old vibe, What if he falls down and starts crying? what if he's too slow and keeps holding you up, but you don't want to leave him behind now, because he's followed you away from home, and now you feel kinda responsible for the Kid. But he's really getting in the way?

would it not be a lot easier if he stayed in the sand box with the other 8 year olds and stopped trying to "fit in" with the older kids?

well it's exactly the same , when a 16 year old kid wants to come pay with the 30 somethings.. except worse.
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