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Horror game assisatance

I'm from Russia from Kamchatka.
We'd like to organize horror airsoft game by DOOM game scenario and atmosphere.

We here haven't done something like ever before. Max that we have was a Resident Evil zombie shooting.

In our game we'd like to make and real DOOM atmosphere. The game will be run in military underground bunker about 70 meters length and about 10-15 meters width with numerous of rooms and corridors. There is a great acoustic I should say)

There will be about 6 teams with 3-5 teammate in each to through the bunker one direction, then it' will be reconstructed a little bit(change closed doors and key doors) and then team will through it again from another side.

There will be some secrets and quest that whey have to be guessed.
They will have to know what is happening around, cause she scenario is different with original DOOM3 one.

There are no any daylight. We'd like to make some monsters, that will not be similar to human: dog style monsters, large like cyber demons, flying fired skulls.
And some human like, but with some mutation and gear like axes, chainsaw(without saw) etc.
For all monster we will make costumes, parts of them from will be done from silicone and foam rubber.

Than we thought about some thrill moments, shock, fear ....
There will be some show moments for example cutting out a fake hand of one of the NPC person with axe...
Hanging hands holding door handle.
One room will be filled on the flour with fake blood.

We will use some sounds and smells to emphasize the fear effect.

So. If anybody have some similar experience with creating such a game please write. i'd like to ask some questions and may be want to know some organization moments and tricks.
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