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On one hand I want to say thanks for dropping the PDW link but then I go to it and it's not public? I've been looking for weeks for info on community and games in / near Regina and all I find it closed of broken web sites that haven't been updated for 5 years.

I really don't know what to make of all this other than Airsoft is Sask is either dead or purposefully secretive and aggravating. Even the Paintball / Airsoft field site is worthless and broken with zero useful info. I'm not sure if there is a legit reason for this frustrating "behind closed doors" style attitude but it is without question, frustrating, aggravating and what little I find makes the community past or present look cheap, amateur and lacking in care.

While I know this will probably tick people off to hear I can't help but ask shouldn't there be an open public and positive attitude about this stuff rather than making it look like everyone is faux terrorists? Even on this site game announcements are from 2009! For the love of god is anything open and informative in Sask>?!
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