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Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
I think you need to adjust your expectations... for $45 you have all day access to an indoor, climate controlled, clean field specifically for airsofters, and over 1000 rounds of ammo(1k bag plus sample bag) which is PLEEEENTY of BBs, if you spit 1000 BBs in a day at UA... well goddamn it work on your aim
try going paintballing and see how long you can play on $45
Not to beat a dead horse becasue this point was well over done in the now locked AAR but is is soo true (on the cost vs playing paintball)and going through 1000 bbs in a night is easy if you use grenades. Also weeknight games (wednesdays/Thursdays) are also cheaper at UA but regardless if you are crying that much about the price and condition of a field in or around the GTA (where the costs of everything is higher then way out in the sticks) you may need to reconsider playing or start calling around for one that will pay you to play there (if you find one let me know).

Dont worry about the lack of games being posted, yes by this time last year there was a constant stream of weekend games being posted for skirms, while this year it seems to be only milsim planned in advance games. The answer to this mind boggling question so to why that is can easily be solved by looking out your window.

Last year by the end of March everyone was in shorts untill late October there were games posted everywhere. This year, halfway through May it has SNOWED yet again. Granted none of it really stuck to the ground and it was more of a mixture of rain with a little snow and some ice pellets, but I would surmise that the lack of meteorological cooperation with seasonal average temperatures has a direct relationship to the majority pf game host's assement of player flake ratios, and therefore do not yet see hosting as feesible unless they are catering to players who will show up regardless.
"Are you going out LARPing in the woods with your friends this weekend?"

"First of all it's called airsoft, and second you can't bring the foam lightning bolts
you made unless the crono shows they are under the FPS limit"

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