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I go to UA all the time. grab a membership, its only 150$ and you get the 50$ back in BB's they give you. 100$ for being able to play whenever i want to over the course of 30 days? yes please. by my third visit there its been paid for, and all i need to do is buy bb's and propane. you get a climate controlled environment, large playing area, no paint and a good "general" group of players. it will cost you much less to hit up UA then other fields if you play a lot. If i play 4 to 6 times a month, and pay 25$ per play at a outdoor field, then i pay my gas to get out wherever, then i buy bb's and propane, i'm looking at 100$ excluding gas, bb's n propane, if you play 6 times, you are up at 150$ excluding that stuff. I live very close to UA so its not hard for me to get there. it is totally justifiable to pay 150 a month for my membership and i enjoy it thoroughly, no games getting cancelled by rain or snow, my gas guns run fine in the temperature controlled environment and its paint free with improvements constantly being added. well worth the money IMHO
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