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Remember what people have said; Velocity is not a major factor in the performance of a rifle.

It certainly is important, but having shot-to-shot consistency is much more important.

I'm not too familiar with the L96 Platform, but generally for consistency, you'll want to overhaul the compression parts (Cylinder, Piston, Nozzle, etc.), as well as get a tightbore barrel and good hop unit.

The Barrel and Hop-up are more for individual shot accuracy (getting the round to where you want it), and the compression parts are for velocity consistency. That way, one shot isn't firing at 380 FPS while the next is going at 450. This allows the BBs to, again, get to where you want them to, through a more consistent flight pattern.

If your rifle is fluctuating at 370-460, that is a massive 90 FPS gap. You need to close that down; most 'good' rifles fluctuate in the 10 FPS range, and every decent marksman out there is running a DMR/Sniper within 1-5 FPS flux (Or at least, that's what I've been told).

You want maximum consistency, not maximum velocity. FPS is only the speed at which your projectile reaches impact. If you're not firing accurately enough to even hit the target, what's the point of having it fly at 500 FPS?
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