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I've owned a KSC P226( same as KWA M226)

One of the most solid pistols I've ever owned and I've owned several different Pistols out there including TM, Stark Arms, WE, KSC Glocks 17/18C. KWA, KSC USP.45. KWA HK45. KSC Sig 2022. KWA HK45

Out of all those the KSC/KWA Sig 226 was the most solid build out of them all.

Break down of my experience
Build quality probably the highest out of all my GBBs. This includes internal and external.

The only gripe I have with the gun and this is being very nit picky is the paint job on the slide and trademarks. Not engraved and the paint like every other KWA/KSC slide is a bit glossy. Though in my opinion the paint job is still much better than other P226 GBBs out there

Recoil is very snappy not the heaviest but it has a nice kick to it.

Gas efficiency is just like any other System 7/NS2 out there and its excellent!!!

Other things that may interest you about the KSC/KWA 226 is that he magazine slips in and out of extremely smoothly. For those who has a lot of experience with GBB Pistols would know that quit a few pistols when releasing the magazine or inserting isn't very smooth. This one is like butter. Its not a deal breaker but something that should be considered.

Also the trigger pull on this thing feels excellent. It has a nice trigger pull for sure, feels very realistic. I've shot all my guns and I'll have to say this gun has the best trigger pull out of all my GBB Pistols. Second best is the KSC Glock 17/18C other than that the others are okay compared to

Ergonomics is also very good as well. I'm a lefty and even holding the P226 feels great. Not as great as my Glocks but its probably 3rd or 4rth on my ergonomics list. For those who know me I'm super picky about ergonomics. The gun needs to feel putting on a glove when shooting lol

I think that's about it. Let me leave off by posting some sexy pictures of the gun

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