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I'm part of the Windsor Airsoft team- WAC, and we were disapointed by the overzealus mercying at some of the flagraiders games too. We have a large sectioned barn (milkroom, hayloft, silo, etc for our CQB games. We play without official mercy rules, so the combat is quite intense at times. Its also more open then the drug lab, so you actually have an ability to have shootouts across rooms and such. If you want a good CQB experience you should come out to some of our games.

(When I say, "no official mercy rules" it just means common sense applies. We are all friends and no one is out to hurt each other. Mercying happens fairly often, but theres no confrence as to who is alive when 2 groups come together. ...well there is confrencing, but the guns do the talking. )
Our CQB velocity limit is 350fps
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