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If you can afford it, go TM hands down, sick recoil even with a plastic slide, high gas efficiency and sweet accuracy, probably the best of all different models due to TM hopup system.

I have heard that kwa makes a nice m226 that is very efficient aswell but this is also on the higher end of pricing.

Expect to pay 220 plus for either the kwa or the TM variant at this time. TM version can run 300 or more brand new- this is worth it.

If your on a budget and want a gun that will run fairly well, grab a kjw p226, it's got trades and can be had brand new all metal from the 160-200 dollar range, if you are ok with a clear lower you can get kjw pistols cheap in Canada. As low as 120-100 bucks when I bought one and still at this time available.

The kjw version is definitely also popular, so sourcing magazines and other parts is easy direct from kjw.
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