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CQB Action

I was just wondering if anyone has had a really good experience with CQB.
I've only have CQB at the Druglab at FlagRaiders, and when people do manage to get inside, it's just usually a bunch of mercy screams, so it seems like there is no real element of stealth when you hear ppl scream that. I know it's safety of course, because no one wants to play stupid and get people hurt. How do you get into the mood though for CQB when it's just people screaming mercy? or whispering it. I don't want to bring safety into this discussion, since safety always comes first obviously, just aside from that. So has anyone has a really good CQ battle? Where did you play it? Maybe something like This, yes, I know this is paintball, but it's the only real good CQB video I found. Check out one of the guys, look how close he gets shot, the end of the barrel is almost touching him, I really don't know if these guys have any mercy rules lol.
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