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I would not recommend the WE version.

Externally it looks great and has a very solid feel. The finishing color looks a lot closer to the real steel variant as opposed to the KJ one. I've had a chance to fondle the KJ and TM versions and I have to say the WE definitely has the best feel out of the three by far.

It also has very hard recoil, probably one of the hardest GBBP out there.

However, it has some problems with the design:

First - if you rack the slide to chamber a round, the feed ramp will push the bb out of the barrel. It will still function fine if you release the slide slowly.

Second - The bottom part of the slide (below where the recoil guide is inserted) slams against the frame when the gun cycles. I have put about 300 rounds or so through the gun and there is already a chunk of the slide that has been chipped off. Maybe this can be remedied with a buffer or a stiffer recoil spring.

Third - The decocker needs to be used gently. If the hammer is released too quickly, it will discharge the bb in the chamber - I learned this the hard way.
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