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Originally Posted by ZackTheRipperC View Post
However, IMO unless you want to drop $200-$600 for a MSA Sordin, I really think the cheek to ear face mesh is your best bet. They do get in the way of ADS off the shelf, however this is easily corrected as you can bend the shit out of it and get it to a comfortable form. I have several friends that switched to them and since "MacGyvering" them have no more difficulty with ADS than using a standard face mesh. I myself will be grabbing one.

With relation to your comment regarding burst ear drums, these are extremely rare occurrences. However, the easiest way to rid yourself of that issue is using a standard face mesh and simply use a double ear bud headset for your comms (simply eliminating the ability for a BB to get inside your ear canal). You can buy these from EBay for $10 or less in most cases and are actually decent to use for comms. You can also bum it and simply wear a toque pulled over your ears, but That's if you're really desperate. Lol or you can try a stylish Nike headband. I digress..
I'd prefer not to spend a ton of money on ear protection. I mostly just want it because I'm really paranoid about these kind of things. I was considering some kind of cloth protection like a shemagh, but I'm not sure if that provides enough actual protection, and also, that sounds fairly uncomfortable in the heat.

Originally Posted by mzo View Post
Another option is to get the mesh mask that covers the ears and get an optic (or optic and riser rail).
That way instead of resting your cheek on the stock and using the iron sights, you can just look through your optic (and use the riser rail if you need it to sit higher).
I hadn't thought of that; that sounds like it would work pretty well. I have a cheap red dot sight that should be good enough.
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