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I'm really not sure who would see this as a child's game, other than perhaps someone over the age of 65, and the term 'child' being equated to 'anyone under 40', but I see where you are coming from. Paintball is more-so viewed as a childs game, however you rarely see (Canadian) children playing with airsoft guns. Heck, even in the news, it's usually adults getting into trouble by doing stupid things with their airsoft guns (playing with it in a parked car, shooting it in their back-yard while 25 years old and living at home, playing in a public park even though "the cop I talked to said it was ok" etc.

To me, airsoft is not a sport, and those who think it is are often delusional and have no real life experience other than perhaps -JUST- moving out of their mom's basement suite. Airsoft is a sport as much as laser-tag is. It's a game, a game played primarily by adult males between the ages of 20 to 40. SIMPLY GOOGLING "DEFINE SPORT" DOES NOT CUT THE MUSTARD FOR RESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM - YOU SHOULD LEARN THAT RIGHT NOW

For those of you who disagree... go to Google and type in this "Define sport".

But who am I to say any of this, right? I'm just some 41 year old woman who's never played airsoft, lives in my mom's basement here in Brampton,Ontario, has a kewl Glock 29 semi-automatic spring pistol and work at Burger King.
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