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Hey welcome! What school and what sort of journalism course are you enrolled in?

My bachelor's degree is a major in journalism and its a ton of fun (as long as you don't have any qualms about living cheap for a while)

If you were looking to pitch an article on airsoft I have one key piece of advice for you:

Develop your lead.

Your first line should tell me exactly what your article is going to be about. Writing long is easy, writing short is hard. So try to get the core of the article into one sentence.

For example:
"The players of Airsoft, a game of military simulation with realistic looking guns and equipment, are currently trying to qualify the activity as a sport rather than a hobby."

Then give the reader a few quotes from an airsoft player who is super competitive and dedicated etc etc, then interview a paintballer who points out marker issues and the honour system as key limiters of airsoft, and BAM you've got an article!

Good luck! Curious to see what you produce!
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