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Originally Posted by ILLusion View Post
Some changes & corrections I would make to the platform list.

First, I would indicate that most of this platform list you've made is specific only to Tokyo Marui versions, because many of the points you've made do NOT hold true for many other brands of similar platforms.

I never realized this until you brought it up. lol.
I forgot about the Western Arms stuff. lol.

I tried to make this as general as possible but I guess my bias is showing like a glaring pair of bodacious tits. I chose these pistols because they are the most used platforms under the most readily available brand in most Canadian webshops.

I suppose I worded the whole section the wrong way. I will revise. Thanks Brian!


Even the clones of the Marui product do not necessarily hold true, primarily in the "durable/robust" department, and secondary in the "bajillion parts available" - most clones are only 90% compatible.

For example, the 1911 platform is the most widely replicated system (it's equivalent to the M4 in terms of wide spread replication and various systems available for it.)
Off the top of my head the following brands of the 1911 are available, representing core platforms:

- Western Arms (and there are multiple versions available under this brand)
- Tokyo Marui
- WE
- Marushin
- Tercel
- Tanaka Works
- G&G

... that list doesn't even include the dozen or so China clones, and many other off branded custom built versions.

In general, almost all of those brands are incompatible with each other due to proprietary systems.
This is also true and I agree.

However, your statistic of "90% compatible" is what warranted me to put this on there. Though I'm not normally a proponent of stating that clone parts can be used in the gun it's cloned from, but I felt that it was worth a mention. "90%" is still a pretty good statistic in my book.

I was going to omit this section altogether as most of the information, if not ALL the information, IS subjective. But I wanted to provide a perspective... or ONE perpective.
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