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Good start, well thought out introduction. Drake has more regional/local information for you so I won't step on the territory there. Just wait it out and you'll be fine but I can tell from your first post that you're different from 99% of the "I'm totally into hardcore milsim game" minors that come onto the forums (usually around this time of year too because school is just letting out).

Just lay low, buy your gucci gear, get AV'ed on your 18th birthday, and go out and play some games.

Typically proper 24hr+ milsim games are few and far between, most of the time you'll be playing daysims and shorter objective based games if you're into "milsim". There are some woodsball and "run and gun" games but if you don't like that kind of play then just don't go to games that are focused on that.
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