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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Check with his email how/what?
What I think conker is meaning to say, is check Riley's account ip adress to clarify that he is the a-hat moron that shot the kid with a crapsoft gun
Just saying, if someone happens to mention that he shot a kid because of a prank, now imagine what he can do with a firearm...
Man, what is he, now 17 or 18 ish, and successful, what kind of job that give a successful from from one year from college, status? All I am thinking of is what normal 17 or 18 years old jobs that they can get, I smell nonsense right now
Love and Tolerance
Coffee, what purpose does these serve?

My little Soviets, Communism is magic
People's internet voices are always angry...
А ну, чики-брики и в дамки!
За Родину!

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