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Originally Posted by Swattiger View Post
Great thread!

Your rating of WE is really good reference for those inexperienced air softer.

Re: the airsoft gun price, I still don't quite understand how come a stock TM PX4 exceeds $400, and a WE pistol still doubles the price in Asia. Hopefully retailers can follow the pricing level of AEGs.
Keep in mind that airsoft shops have other things to worry about that can increase their price point.

There can be things like the cost of renting out the space for their shop and all other expenses that come with the building. They have to deal with things like the basic upkeep of keeping the physical location running. Fixing broken light fixtures, dealing with Interact terminals, even banking fees or the cost to pay out employees.

Theres a myriad of things. I dunno. Again, I can't answer this question because I'm not in their shoes.

...and the funding for all these things have to come from somewhere. At the end of the day, it's still a business and they have make money to cover these costs.

The difference between what they do and what I do is that I don't have these things to contend with. I don't have rent costs or storage costs or labour cost. But because I'm buying parts at storefront value, I have to mark up the price to cover everything.

...and I don't even make a profit out of doing the upgrades. lol.
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