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Ebairsoft not very proffessional, Warning

I had order a lot of things recently, in many shops (airsoft park with one of the best customers service i ever had in airsoft, from toronto airsoft very nice too) but one shop don't ship me one items on my orders; 1 x Wii Gas Charger $27.50.

It's not a big deal, but in fact what is the most irritating is that kind of word from them:

My mail;

2013/4/7 "Hi, I never received my order for 1 x Wii Gas Charger $27.50 since 2 MONTHS... What's is going on ?? I would like you to do something to correct the situation i'm not satisfied about this issue ! Regards Mamouth"

Ebairsoft: "The item has sent out.

Destination - Canada
The item (RC265854012HK) left Hong Kong for its destination on 23-Feb-2013"

We are 04 of MAY !!!!
And they don't wan't to fix anything after 6 mails, nice customers service !

Hi, i'm not here to get it fix, because my issue is about 27,50 dollars, but still it's not very good to lose a client this way.
They are not professionnal, at all, the less was to refund the missing product.

I just want to warning others customers that this shop is not reliable.
Choose another shop if you can.

Thank you for reading my desapointment, and sorry for my bad english.

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