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GTA airsofters who hold valid ontario security licenses

Not really airsoft related however I know a great many of you so that's why I am posting here.

Need to put together a team of security professionals for subcontractor work with my security company for high profile close protection details in and around Toronto on short notice work(24hrs to two weeks notice )

Wages range from $15-$25 hour plus various costs as specified for each detail (parking. Etc)

Preference will be given to airsofters I know however all meeting the requirements are welcome

Team size 10-20 licensed guards

Requirements :
Valid ontario security license
1 yr or more security experience with a focus on customer service
Conservative suit/tie
Be physically fit and healthy able to stand/walk for long periods of time
Knowledge of trespass to property act
And powers of arrest under section 494 of the criminal code of Canada

Training in use of force,tactical communications would be an asset.

Shoot me a PM if you are interested


Mods/admin to keep this airsoft related the people who work with/for me on these details will bring back to games valuable experience on securing perimeters, vip escorts and a multitude of of other game applicable experience

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