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Firstly don`t be so mean for all we know this guy could be some young kid getting into airsoft and secondly i have been playing for 2 years now and am yet to have my account av`d. Getting av`d does not have to be a priority.

As to the request like said most aeg have the same accuracy and to really reach out and touch someone at a distance require alot of upgrading and tuning to your gun. But if you want something that has good distance but you can change over to cqb play for indoor use look for an aeg with a quick change spring or cylinder. This will allow you to easily change the fps of you gun making it cqb legal at 350 fps and increasing your range for outdoor use at 400 fps. also an m4 m-16 platform would give you the option of having more than one upper receiver and barrel assembly. This would give you the advantage of having one barrel longer for ranged play and one shorter for indoor use at the removal of a pin.

This is all pretty basic stuff as i don`t know a whole lot i just don`t think we need to be so hasty in flaming people, he might be an idiot or some kid, or maybe a really cool guy.


Hope to shoot some of you soon!!!
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