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Originally Posted by themanwithaAEGsniper View Post
i am relatively new (have yet to play a battle) and i wanted to get an AEG with capablitys of a :sniper but be ready to go into :assault at any time. i wuld like to use it right out of the box.
well, considering most AEGS are the same, the range you want would be achieved in barrel length, so therefor a AEG with a Long barrel will suit you, if I interpret this correctly, by assault I'm assuming you mean a AEG that can go full auto. In this case, a m16 or something with that 509 inner barrel and "full auto" should do you just fine.

In the future, a little research before posting and better grammer will yield more serious results if you are looking to ask the community for advice or their opinions.

secondly, in the world of airsoft the ranges of all guns are pretty much the same, your not going to see something thats like OMGWTFBBQ HES PWNING US FROM 200M AWAY, ussually, if he can shoot you, you can shoot him or vice versa
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