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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
depending on how the law is worded, it could be perfectly legal for those guns to be over 2J if they were meant for export.

in japan they have the 1J limitation as a law (before it's considered a firearm I think), but stores that have a special permit/license for exportation can legally modify a TM gun to shoot over that 1J limit for export customers only. The catch is that international customers have to provide the parts to do that, since I believe even the parts are hard to get in japan since there's no market for >1J guns.

HK though is a different story, so we'll have to wait for the details to emerge, and then trial before anything specific is known.
That is the comment I was saying above when I was comparing Evike to UN. Evike has prepped none orange tipped guns for export to Canada which are not for local sale. Some kid get charged for a gun bought from Evike with and now has no orange tip, and Evike gets nailed for the Canadian inventory.

Same reason, a lot of guns in HK are being exported and these could be ones upgraded in advance for export. Kids in HK that buy the 1J guns then upgrade it to above 2J and is caught shooting unsuspecting people, mislead the police into thinking that the export 2J inventory is being sold locally. The kids that are caught tell the police that they bought the guns already with the 2J+. You can understand why the TM VSR10 has factory pinned the cylinder.

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