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AK or M14 platform for DMR

So me and my small team were thinking of assigning roles when we will start playing outdoors. After ditching the idea of becoming a sniper because it doesn't really appeal to me. I was researching that a DMR (designated marksman rifle), it appealed to me because its a half in half of a sniper and riflemen.

I was thinking of either getting an AK or m14 platform to use for this role with a scope and bipod. Most likely I will get a cyma AK (47,74,AKM) or cyma m14 (socom or full size) because their cheaper so i can do upgrades like a Tbb, and new bucking. I'm not really good with gearboxes yet so I'm not sure what other upgrades other then that.

So other then personal preference is there any other pros or cons. Are version 3 gearboxes easier to work on then version 7's, and do AK's have more upgrades available then m14s?
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