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Originally Posted by sushicake View Post
Most canada post people do that if you have a community mailbox there's no way a gun is going to fit in there. Would you rather have a $500 dollar gun sit on your front door and allow anyone off the street to grab. Or take 10 min out of your day to drive to the post office and pick up the gun that you know is going to be there.

I've had a $400 gun stolen from my front door cause my normal delivery guy would give me a note telling me to go to the post office. But the delivery guy that day decided to throw it on my door step I was at work at the time so didn't even know it came. It wasnt until I got home and checked the tracking and it said "successfully delivered" and I didn't get any notification nor slip went to the post office to even check and nothing. Thank god CP reimburses you for losses.

So gspot you really have no right to complain cause your too lazy to get up and drive. Plus do you realize how much mail the delivery guys have to deliver in a day? What makes you so special that they have to ring your door bell and wait for you to answer they have better things to do. They ain't fedex or ups where they only have 20 boxes or so to deliver in a day these guys have thousands or letters to sort through. That's also another reason why big packages normally get sent to your local post office.

Also you probably had to sign for it and they can't do that face to face you have to go to the post office for that.
are you stupid? i was at home all day and cp didn't come to my house! also the guy that delivers packages is separate from the standard mail so they don't have the amount of work to do as you are claiming. even if they have a lot of work why should that matter? how is that an excuse to not do your job? cp has informed me that the person should have come to my door and disciplinary action will be taken. i guess you must be the lazy one, probably a cp "delivery" person yourself, lol!
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