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Originally Posted by dwsage View Post
I thought as long as it shoots over 366fps with .2g bb and under the 2j limit, it's legal for them to export to canada or.. for us to import to canada. Or am I mistaken?
This is two totally different things.
Yes for us it has to be over 366 and under 5.7j that is all.
Their 2j limit is a totally different thing. And has nothing to do with our ability to import their products.
Also ill add that many china clone companies make bolt actions that shoot over 465fps (2.01j) tho im not sure if they are HK based or mainland you can bet those products are made for export only.
Ill use Japan as an example. They have a 1j limit and as far as i know they are not even aloud to buy or sell parts within Japan that could make a gun shoot over 1j (ie springs) BUT some of the best uograde parts come from Japan (Laylax for example) but tbey make 1 set of springs for local market (ranging from 0.5j to 1j there ard 3 springs in the VSR line) and then they make springs up to "190" for the vsr its 650fps and 3.93j they are made for export only. Even some relutable shops in Japan will preupgrade guns to shoot over 366fps for us to import. Thats how i got my tm vsr10 only catch is you have to buy the spring and ship it to them.
Sry to stray off topic OP. Id say it is likely they are shut down and itbis best to just wait and see what comes of this. There are a buttload of other places to buy stuffs in the meantime.
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