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Originally Posted by shelcoof View Post
I hope things get sorted out. I use UNCompany quit often too!


I wrote to UNCompany and asked them about the rumors and such and their reply was that it was untrue and business is as usual.

Here is a quote I received from them.

Dear sir,

There is so many fake rumors on the internet, we think time can show you the truth.

Don't worry guys, we are still opening, and our service is nothing changed.

You can just place the order through the website, we will send you the quotation.

Best Regards,


UN Company.

Also I placed not to long ago about a week or two ago for a Madbull PWS SCAR Rail Extension for the Scar and that came in extremely fast. It caught me off guard to hear this. I'm just glad to that UNCompany is still open for business.

So for folks like me who were worried its all good
If you guys believe this you deserve to get ripped off. From my very reliable sources. Their website is going to pulled down soon in Hong Kong> They are looking for their server and hopes it is in Hong Kong. Also their bank accounts are being searched for. DON"T GET RIPPED OFF. They are not in business. Their store is shut and they have no firearms in stock. The warehouse is taped with police tape. There are videos and new prints on them in this link. Don't send them any money.
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