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After a long chat with four airsoft companies in HK in the last two hours, we have confirmed the following. It would appear a HK resident purchased an airsoft sniper rifle in January 2013, then upgraded it to what is classed as a firearm under HK law. He was then caught sniping at people in the street. On investigation the police found the airsoft sniper rifle was purchased domestically in HK, and therefore have searched several companies, including one of our suppliers, to make sure no airsoft gun breaks HK local law. This assists in the prosecution as the man will not be able to claim he purchased the gun already upgraded. Therefore he is responsible for the more serious firearms offences. For those who don't know HK, there are around 30 medium and large size airsoft companies and four were searched at this point. Therefore, business with HK has not been affected overall (although there will be some short delays), and will be back to normal with all companies by the 29th. Our UK and European wholesalers have not been affected.
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