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Originally Posted by metagod View Post
We use them in Alberta. They are pretty good but I still like the larger size smoke grenades more.
This is about their frags not smokes.
If you want GOOD smokes (meaning huge smoke in a short time)
Check the rocket fireworks website they have 4 kinds the new enola ones (they are nice cause of many colors)
The "old school" tactical smokes (lil more compact then the enola ones but sameish smoke volume, only white)
The battlefield smokes (big dont fit in alot of pouches but large volume of smoke and longdr burn time)
BUT WAIT as i was saying if you want BIG smoke try the "sky diver" smokes. They burn as fast as the tactical and enola smokes but put out twice the volume of smoke. They are about the same size as the battlefield smokes so kinda bulky but they are prety sweet.

I personally like the idea of these frags. They are safe biodegradeable and you dont gotta go chasing em to pic em up after you use em.
They say price point SHOULD be about the same as the enola smokes.
About a month they should have some for me to test out so ill be surd to get em out to the bigger games so the hosts, field owners. And as many players as possible can see them first hand so we can see their awesomeness or if they are fail.
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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