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Originally Posted by Curo View Post
I'm going to say its a toss up
The katana is Systema based and could be awesome.
But mags will be trouble some vs the KA which you could make it like my G&P and it'd be a beast.
Originally Posted by Curo View Post
Well the Systema based internals are arguably a better design than Tokyo Marui style V2 Mechbox. But that being Said a well designed, tuned and built V2 Mechbox is no slacker. Its really a toss up. Though mags for the king arms will be cheaper and easier to find. But something tells me with all the PTW clones hitting the market mags for the katana might not be a challenge.

The Katana borrows the removable cylinder concept from the PTW but it IS NOT a Systema based PTW clone. The Katana has zero parts that are compatible with the Systema based PTW design.

The Katana uses common Marui based: long type motor, gear-set, hop-up, barrel and mags. The cylinders are a proprietary WE design and the gearbox lower is basically a V2 with the top cut off.

edit: WE "KATANA" M4 AEG - YouTube

IMO the success of the Katana will rest on the cylinders. If they have a good air seal and aren't prone to failures then there is a lot of potential there. If the Katana takes off my guess is that you'll see aftermarket cylinders popping up so if the WE ones are shit it won't matter too much. But this being your first gun I would recommend the King Arms because it's tried and true.

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