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But do I have a PTW because I'm a professional airsofter? Or am I a professional airsofter because I have a PTW? =O

And I wouldn't go as far to say most youtube reviews are sponsored, but I would say most youtube reviews are made by people who have NO IDEA what they're talking about.
For example, you have no clout to boast quality internals if you're not a well recognized gunsmith. And you can't comment on the quality of a metal body unless you actually know something about metallurgy.
Worst of all, a single review doesn't mean shit.
ONE person has a miracle gun built by classic army that lasts 5 years stock, or that G&P M16 that I worked on that lasted over 200,000 rounds and 3 years of heavy abuse without breaking anything internally. It's just not an accurate representation of brand or model. Most CA's are garbage, and most G&Ps have gear or piston failure within the first 2 months.
Most infuriating of all, is when they do an "accuracy test" at 50 feet, with mystery ammo, from a standing position.
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