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You wouldnt have to buy a new kit most likely. Maybe a bdu to go with the team but not a rig. And if your rig is modular it may (but prolly not) just need pouches to match the bdu.
Most teams are either MC cadpat or say russian or british or what have you.
I think my team is the odd one out tiger stripe bottoms black top lol. And i dont own either of those i wear woodland

I really suggest going to armyissue and tryin on gear even if you dont buy there at least youll have an idea of what fits and works for you. He has stuff simaler to the whs and even if i crank it down tight its still big on me (im 5ft7 with about a 30 inch waist)
Its too wide and too tall/long.
Small guys like me (and seems like you too) are prety much limited to chezt rigs and battle belts unless we get custom gear or customize existing gear (aka spend a metric buttload of money lol)
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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