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Originally Posted by Markosa666 View Post
I have chrono'd it will .25's and I get around 290. Currently when I grease/clean my rifle I use teflon and silicon grease and I make sure that my bolt carrier is adequately lubed, that the surface between the bolt and bolt carrier is well lubed, I have neglected slightly by not really going into it with cleaning but instead just lubing it slightly. Would a tight bore get me up to atleast 310?
There is a lot of disinformation posted in your thread, I doubt those members know much about the WA .

Just a few things I want to know are,
is this +\- pressure bolt?
What mags are you using? Exact make and model
How long are you charging you gas into the mag? In seconds

Secondly I want to know more about your problem, by slow do you mean FPS or ROF?

Rof in gbbrs are never that fast, your looking at around 9-14second.
Fps is always altered due to the temperature, the warmer it is, the more fps you get, the colder it is the less fps you get.

Where did you get the rifle because, the hk versions are significantly lower fps.

Was it a challenge kit?
Was it a wocx
Is it really a woc.

Answer these questions and I'll gladly help
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