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Originally Posted by Troy T. Moore View Post
As others have said, depends on the field. What I don't get is if kids can paintball with no problems, why is AirSoft treated differently? Anyways, enjoy!
I think its a fear factor kinda thing, I mean there are idiots/asses in airsoft too don't get me wrong, but when a guy in airsoft has a beef they deal with it, whereas in Paintball they deal with it in the wrong way.

For instance, you don't call your hits, they other person talks to the ref and the ref deals with you. Paintball you just get shot right up and go home looking like a spotted leopard.

I remember a number of years back when I was playing paintball, we used the 15 foot rule, fair enough right? Well I was the last one left with a 12 or 13 year old kid or so having a stupid back and fourth game of hide and shoot, I decided I wasn't going to waste any more paint and run up to his bunker and past 15 feet, turned, and shot him once in the back, one time, no more no less. Of course the kid began crying and everyone was of course pissed at me, once we got back into the staging area one of the guys, and ref at the field at the time, grabbed a marker and shot me twice in the toes, I think that's a HUGE part of why Airsoft and paintball are different.
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