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Both depending on where you are and time of year.
I personnaly try to go with camo pouches and vests and such to match my bdu but when i cant find what i need (woodland is getting scarce)
I do one of two things. I blend RG OD CB and Khaki pouches to help bresk up the shape of gear and my body shape (as a sniper i guess im more picky about that as often i wont see the guy in MC or Cadpat but his chest rig or plate carrier will trigger a threat response in my mind as its an easy to recognize shape) or i just paint my gear (like this khaki ak rig i have ill be adding OD and Brown krylon to it to break it up a bit in a sort of stripe or blotch pattern, havent decided yet)
But if you going for gucci gear type look then id say go a tan/khaki color as it will go with woodland MC and dessert gear (almost all camo has some tan/chaki/cb to it so itll work with em all, besides cadpat lol)
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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