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Honestly i bought a pair of revision goggles. And a lower mesh before i even played once. First i pried the material around the outside of the mesh off. (Took a looonnggggggg time, alot of patience. And hurt fingers) then line ur mesh up to ur goggles. Mark. And cut the mesh down so its flush with ur goggles. Then re glue the material back onto the mesh. My first game was at UA and GOD was it ever uncomfortable. Make sure u put ur goggles on first. Get a good seal then put ur mesh on. Make sure its not super tight. And bring the strap over the strap of ur goggles and up further on the back or ur head.

It was hurting the bridge of my nose as well. Bent it a little to relieve some pressure. But still annoying. By my third time playing airsoft. Im talking months later. Its now magically fine. It doesn't touch my nose. And i dont even realize im wearing my face gear anymore. Now i cant use my iron sights in game. But thats what red dots are for. I know that once i get a red dot. Ill be able to actually aim

Hope this helps
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