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Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
Unfortunately, running something like that at, say, Finch's during the summer is a recipe for fog. Mostly solid (even with venting) plates of plastic or whatever just end up routing moisture directly up into your goggle area.

Mesh can be cleaned, painted to protect from rust, is maleable for shape and is very inexpensive. In addition to those nice properties, it's the best for breathing airflow (for staying cool), best for PTT acoustics and the best for shouting. The one acoustic drawback I'm aware of is whistling. I'm unable to whistle at people through mesh.
not my experience, when properly installed it excludes breath from the goggles,

I have run my setup, day, night, summer, winter, raining, snowing.. fog not a issue, this unit is vented directly in front of the mouth and nose, but still impervious to BBs

I have run the mesh as well, and yes, it works.. but is bulky and affects use of arms.

but to each their own.
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