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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Liability.. so this is how it could pay out.. you invite some friends over to play on crown land,

one of your friends brings a friend with him.. and said friend gets turned around while int he bush and wanders off.. and Dies.

his family is looking for someone to blame.. and they pick you, because if not for your invitation he would not have been there.

the sue you for their loss, maybe the court does not find in their favour, but you spend $20 000.00 in legal expenses to find out you owe nothing.

maybe you can sue for costs, but that is more legal bills..

If you are insured, the insurance company defends the suit..

If you have a home insurance policy the personal general liability may respond, but if there is any hint of a commercial venture here ( anyone is paying to play) they will step away, and leave you twisting.

just because you "say" you are not organizing the game and are not the "host" does not mean that you may be shown to be liable in a civil suit, the test is low, well below reasonable doubt, on the balance of the evidence is a low threshold to meet to prove liability.
Someone could pick you out of the group to sue because most of the players are penniless students and you have a home. Can't get blood from a stone as they say so go after someone who they can get something from.
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